The Three Things Jillian Michaels Taught Me That Changed Everything

I really need to take the suggestions in this article seriously. I slit the other three tires on my life mobile a while back. It is easy to give up on life. I really have to get back on the ball or I am driving myself to an early grave. Depression has always been an issue for me. Sometimes I think the only reason I am still alive is that I have lost people I love to suicide and I know how much it hurts other people; so instead I am killing myself slowly with a spoon. I really was much encouraged by my visit to my sister Pam’s. There was no stress and just fun, playing with children in a relaxed environment with no expectations or demands. I actually enjoyed living for the first time in a long while. I am going to try to look forward to the future and do something to be there when it happens.

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Five Years Later:

I am fifty-two years old and can easily say until about five years ago fighting my weight was constantly on my mind. What a shame don’t you think? But it is just simply the truth.

From the moment, as a child I began to realize I was bigger than average I have been reminded constantly I was over weight. It was an annoyance as a kid but an obsession by my teen years.

Briefly in High School I obtained true fitness as an athlete but the moment I entered college the Freshman thirty escalated to the Sophomore sixty. I again had a brief moment of apparent control my junior year and was at that moment the thinnest I ever remember. It lasted maybe 6 months.

A few times in my young adult life I felt I looked OK but never did I feel I was the best…

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