Natchez Burning! by Greg Iles

Natchez Burning! offered some interesting theories and illustrated the sick bigotry that was rampant in the south in the Mid 1900’s.  However, I am not sure what the author’s purpose was in writing the book.  He presented several subplots about aborted attempts on JFK and R Kennedy and MLK.  His fictitious “club” of Double Eagles consisted of several persons who had run wild as a brazen execution team in the sixties and the attempt by several people to bring them to justice 30+ years later. The set up and explanations required a glut of words that slowed everything. Then in the final scenes there were too many turn abouts.  The ‘bad guys’ were in complete control of the ‘good guys’ but failed to eliminate them.  There were several “last second” reprieves. No one wastes this much time getting around to killing someone they want dead – especially not this group of people who had killed so heartlessly most of their lives. Finally the end of the plot line for Penn and Tom is very unsatisfactory. It felt like the editor stepped in and said, “That is enough – end it already.” Major characters had issues that weren’t resolved. I stuck with the story to the end and there were parts that had promise, but I put down the book with a sense of dissatisfaction.


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Wife, Christian believer, mother of two adult children, Grandmother of Two toddlers, Great Aunt to many, retired science teacher, writer, animal lover.
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