Snow White – Adopted!

Snow White (I didn’t name her!) is 15 months old.  She was found in a field caring for four tiny kittens.  At the time – she was only about 9 months old herself.  She was one of the thinnest cats I ever rescued.  Much to my surprise, she and her kittens all survived.  She was shy at first – and she is frightened of some other cats and my dogs.  Many cats who have had to live on their own are frightened of other animals.  She has made a few friends in my home, but she is easy to intimidate and chase, which makes her great sport in the eyes of most of my troupe. She is very sweet, reaching out to touch me and stop me from passing by her favorite spot on a climbing post.  She will follow me around the house – but not on the floor.  She moves from table to counter to climbing posts.  She is a lovely young female with gorgeous eyes.


About Kiwi Starr

Wife, Christian believer, mother of two adult children, Grandmother of Two toddlers, Great Aunt to many, retired science teacher, writer, animal lover.
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